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With almost 50 years of industry experience, Paramount has been at the forefront of innovation and dependability for gym owners. This year we are presenting our leads, sales and membership tools within our web based PULSE software. Discover the Gym Management Software for the Ages. Experience Paramount Acceptance.

Our PULSE System is one streamlined, comprehensive software suite; the only piece of software you will ever need because it manages everything in your gym. PULSE not only manages your front desk and point of sale, but also handles writing new memberships, scheduling your amenities, managing your leads, controls your tanning, coordinates online sales, handles all aspects of your personal training program, manages your playroom, handles corporate membership sales, offers full Human Resources and employee management tools, tracks your club’s maintenance and equipment issues, generates any kind of report you can think of, and so much more.


  • Paramount PULSE System

    The PULSE system from Paramount Acceptance is the industry’s only gym software solution to manage absolutely every aspect of your fitness club. It’s a fully integrated software suite – all you need to manage your entire facility.

    PULSE is a gym software that manages your entire gym business. Here are some of the highlights...

    • Member Management 
    • Scheduler - employee, amenities, and services 
    • Leads Tool 
    • POS
    • Tanning 
    • Personal Training Software 
    • Kid Care 
    • Corporate Wellness 
    • Human Resources and Employee management tools
    • Club’s Maintenance 
    • Automates Membership Payments
    • Real Time Dashboard Reporting 

    And since all these tools are featured within our gym software suite, they all work in harmony so that everyone on your staff always has complete, updated information.

    More Information » gymsoftware.com/gym-software

    Paramount PULSE System
  • Payment Processing

    Drawing upon the latest in processing technologies and features, Paramount’s payment processing services give you a robust platform to maximize the return on draft. Credit cards, ACH, EFT, coupons, recurring payments, and more – no matter the payment type, Paramount works hard to process your payments accurately and give you the greatest return. With Paramount, payment processing is simple, accurate, and effective.

    • Merchant services
    • Down payments and POS
    • On account purchases
    • AR Reporting 
    • Credit card updater
    • Chargeback resolution
    • Automatic retry process
    • Automated messaging and dialer systems
    • Results reporting
    • Late and email notices
    • Welcome emails
    • PCI-DSS compliant
    • Setup payments on any day of the month
    • Multiple payment types

    More Information » gymsoftware.com/services/billing

    Payment Processing
  • Fitness Marketing

    Your club is unique. Your marketing should be too! Our marketing team can help take your fitness gym to the next level. We offer an array of services that include the following...

    • Key Tags 
    • Member Retention Email Campaigns 
    • Birthday Cards 
    • Mailers 
    • Text Images
    • Website Design 
    • Pitch Sheets / Sales Sheets 
    • Tent Cards and More! 

    More Information » gymsoftware.com/services/marketing

    Fitness Marketing


  • How to Make a Member Retention Plan

    Retention is a key component to running any gym. This eBook will guide you through the process of implementing a membership retention plan that will fit your gym’s needs. Within this eBook you will learn: – What a membership retention plan is – Why it is important to have a plan in place – 5 Tactics You need to include in your plan – How to implement your plan More »

    How to Make a Member Retention Plan


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