The Gee Hoo Group ® was established since 1979, the companyis over three decades of experiences in fitness industry.The Gee Hoo Group ® is a fitness company with internationallyrecognized brands include BODYCHARGER, SPEEDSTYLE, iCare. and O’FITS.We manufacture the fitness equipment in Taiwan and continuallyrefine the levels of our spirits, quality, innovation and services.The mission statement of the Gee Hoo Group ®, we alwaysremember the company Core Values; wellness is always ourpriority to bring-up humanity’s life quality. We have ourenthusiastic passion to enjoy on designing, developing,and challenging as our spirits; we have 100% total qualitycontrol as we always persisted, we manufacture variousproducts to satisfactory all age-users and always creatingnew ideas into the market; especially, our uniquely i-Carefitness equipment, we provided the safety ensuringmanagement systems for users and remote electronicdetection system for the local technician team to resolveall the possible errors in advance. That’s why we’re proudto offer our global distributors the best service for the fitnessequipment as spas, universities, hospital, fitness clubs….etc.in the past decades.The vision statement of the Gee Hoo Group ®, we’re keepingon our ways, and look forward to using our latest innovatedtechnologies to support our best clients in the future, themachine with our uniquely designed and systems to exploreinto the global market. The Gee Hoo Group ® offerings a fullfitness equipment from home used to commercial used eventhe senior products into all corners of the world.



  • Hank Hsu

    Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.
    New Taipei City, Taiwan