Did you know there are over 64 million fitness consumers in the U.S., and, each month, some 20 million of them are in search of ancillary fitness experiences?

Responding to the consumer need, www.Go2Practice.com is a game-changing, fitness search service and mobile site that drives consumers to health clubs. Practice is a marketing tool that showcases club amenities and offers consumers on-demand access. No memberships or burdensome administration tasks are involved. If your club offers trial passes and/or day/class rates, consumers can use Practice to find you, while traveling, when pursuing workout variety, or when they simply want to try something and someplace new.

Operationally streamlined, gyms will share their own pricing, class schedules, and general policies and will have insider views to traffic, marketing, and revenue analysis within their personalized member dashboard. This new online service showcases an extraordinary database with over 100,000 fitness options across the U.S. in one convenient place. This 20 million consumer audience is spending over $20 a month beyond their membership, Practice will help direct this $400 million monthly spend... to you!

"Practice works for the fitness consumer and works for the gym, a true win-win," says IHRSA Executive Vice President of Global Prouducts Jay Ablondi.

Learn more about Practice. Join in and enter promo code “IHRSA2017” for an exclusive free trail offer for IHRSA member clubs. www.Go2Practice.com/business