First impressions matter!

Did you know the average potential member
makes a decision to join your club within the first 3-5 minutes?


At S3 Design we design clubs that help owners maximize that window of time by understanding what influences that decision.


The first impression starts with the first step through the door so your reception area needs to be open, warm and inviting. Then, a well-scripted, intuitive circulation path will highlight the variety of program elements offered and inspire members to explore more of what makes your club unique. Cleanliness and appearance matter, so we design clubs that allow your staff to maintain the club’s appeal by selecting finishes and design elements that are durable and will look as good in year 10 as they did on day one.


Our success is built on listening and understanding how each club is unique, and then working with owners to design a facility that meets their operational needs as well as their clients’ expectations and also attracts new members. It all starts with getting that first impression right!


See the results of our collaborative design in these clubs…


Cedardale Health + Fitness, Haverhill, MA


The Refinery Westside Village, Atlanta, GA
Best Fitness, Danvers, MA
Boston Marriott Cambridge Fitness Center, Cambridge, MA