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    ABC Fitness Solutions

    ABC IGNITE redefines how fitness operators and members interact with technology to reach their respective goals. The flexible, scalable and intuitive club management solution has all of the tools gym owners and operators need to accelerate business performance, operate efficiently and deliver 360° member experiences. Reduce the cost of managing disparate systems, empower your teams, and tackle all of the ‘jobs to be done’ in your club with a modern new solution from ABC, a consistent and dedicated partner to gyms and health clubs for over 40 years.

    Sponsored by: ABC Fitness Solutions
  • Performance Plus Treadmill
    Matrix Fitness

    The Performance Plus Treadmill sets a new standard with a shock-absorbing slat-belt and a high-efficiency drive that make even the most intense runs feel comfortable, solid and smooth, lasting up to 100,000 miles in the most intense environments. Despite this incredible evolution of technology, service and maintenance have never been easier.

    Performance Plus Treadmill
    Sponsored by: Matrix Fitness
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    Selvas Healthcare Inc.

    BC720 offers all of the features and functions needed for superior diagnosis of body composition including muscle structure and abdominal obesity that lead to improved treatment for all body types. Innovative technology meetes stylish design. The BC720 utilizes the most advanced bio-electrical impedance (BIA) analysis technology to provide accurate and dependable results that have been validated by DEXA analysis. 

    Selvas Healthcare Inc.

    ACCUNIQ BC380 delivers clinically accurate body composition results in less than 1 minute. Easy to use, with on-screen step by step instructions and loaded with all the measurement data you will need to fully assess your clients composition levels. On Screen results and full page report shows measurements with healthy ranges for quick assessment. 

  • Body Composition Analyzer, I20
    Mediana Co., Ltd.

    Body Composition Analyzer, I20
  • Body Composition Analyzer, I30
    Mediana Co., Ltd.

    Body Composition Analyzer, I30

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