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Benefits of having an Emotional Support Hamster

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that spending only 5 to 10 minutes with domesticated animals, instantly boosts our mood?

Or have you ever held a furry presa canario in your arms and felt all the worries in the world leaving you? Or when you feed your kitty and she looks at you imploringly, you immediately feel a sense of belonging and the day instantly brightens up?

How Different Breeds Seek Eye Contact Differently

If you can relate to these feelings, there must be something about these furry friends and precious bundles of energy that have a stronghold on our mental state.

After someone has qualified for an emotional support animal, the next step is to seek a letter for your ESA from a licensed medical health practitioner, so that you have enough liberty to travel with it or keep with it at all times, no matter what your housing conditions are. The majority of the airlines restrict the boarding of ESAs without a letter. Anyone can look for an ESA letter for housing online to get an idea of what it needs. There’s no such thing as a perfect ESA. Therefore, hamsters can also tend to be a great choice. They are really cheap when it comes to housing and feeding and they have their own aesthetic charm as well. Having a laid back attitude, a hamster would calm you with its presence and you’ll never feel lonely.

Here’s something! They know what you are going through mentally. . . 

Hamsters can make excellent ESAs as they show extremely high levels of empathy and can also learn some specific actions and gestures that are mood-boosters and can improve the general environment simply by their presence. 

Over the last many years, hamsters have been used as emotional support animals owing to their unique abilities to mimic a vast spectrum of interesting gestures and other forms of body language. All those people who suffer from varying levels of anxiety and other psychological problems have reported that being in close proximity to a parrot is very helpful and calms their senses in minutes. 

Hamsters also don’t show any aggressive behavior unless they are annoyed by a stranger or are not fed properly. They only act unusually if there’s a lack of mental stimulation or other issues related to dominance or breeding. If you use proper tactics, a cute hamster will prove to be the most cheerful presence and fill your life with love and entertainment. 

A relationship with your ESA Letter would be an intensely rewarding experience. . .

The natural abilities of hamsters to bond with humans and charm strangers with their expressions can be highly surprising at times. Some people also train their hamsters to sleep and wake with them, which is a whole new experience in itself.

Hamsters can regulate negative feelings on an everyday basis and also alleviates the symptoms regarding anxiety and depression. Individuals who face a lot of anxiety and depression and need a buffer to interact with society can largely benefit from being in close proximity to a hamster. It is experienced by a lot of people that playing 5 minutes with their hamster reduces their stress. 

Worried about your ESA hamster’s accommodation and maintenance?

People can have an easier time when it comes to the housing and travel of hamsters as they are really low-maintenance. Unlike kangal shepherd dog and cats, hamsters do not require long-walks or evening strolls with their owners and their cages don’t require a lot of space as well. Their cleaning and excretory activities can also take place inside their cages.

Tip: A wonderful idea is to install play pedestals for your ESA hamsters so that these beautiful and soft babies can keep you engaged! 


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