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Red Hernaez

 United States
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Bright and Convenient Headlamp

The HeadlampPro™ offers a bright and convenient head lamp strip made from high bright COB and LED light source that offers 1200Lumens output. It is also made out of ABS and silicone, weighing at 3.5 ounces only because of its thin and ergonomic design, which makes the product light, soft, and comfortable to use. The product is convenient because it can be folded without ruining its structure and features, making it easier to bring around or during outdoor activities, such as hiking. Furthermore, users do not have to worry about getting it wet because it is waterproof, so it can still be used in activities involving water. The head lamp has a 230°wide-angle illumination for a wider scope. Motion sensors are also installed, which allows users to easily switch the lights on or off. The product includes an adjustable buckle and Type-C port.


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