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Aviron Interactive Inc.

Health clubs are becoming less appealing to members, especially millennials, who value a connected, collaborative and competitive experience. Traditionally, most members go to the gym alone, put their earphones in and block out the rest of the world. However, as the fitness industry grows and diversifies, members are starting to gravitate more towards boutique gyms that offer specialized classes, such as CrossFit or spin. These group classes open the door for both collaboration and competition that members crave.

Aviron Interactive Inc. is addressing this problem with its first product, the Tough Series Rower, a technology-enhanced rower that aims to sustain member interest by bringing a more engaging experience to traditional fitness. The rower features a 21.5” HD touchscreen and a network that allows members to compete in exciting challenges with friends and strangers; either right next to them or anywhere around the world. Challenges include Grand Prix, an exhilarating 10-player race, and Zombie Apocalypse, an intense thriller that can be played with 5 friends.

Canadian Olympic rower, Morgan Jarvis who competed as part of Team Canada in 2012, tested out the rower. He said, “Aviron Interactive is making a fantastic product that should appeal to anyone wanting to be active and have fun doing it. Rowing has long needed something like this to make training fun. As a pretty experienced rower, I was really impressed with the feel of the flywheel. In many ways, it actually has a more real water-like feel to it than other [rowers].”


  • Tough Series Rower

    Developed by Aviron’s scientific department in collaboration with professional athletes, the Tough Series Rower is a full commercial rowing machine designed to survive the usage demand of fitness facilities.

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    Tough Series Rower