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Darwill is a third generation, family-owned marketing company that has brought proven direct marketing solutions to clients of all sizes for the past 70 years. As a premier full-service provider, we offer omni-channel strategies, data, creative, production, and reporting solutions to improve your bottom line. Our services consistently provide data-driven results for gym member acquisition and retention through digital and direct marketing. We achieve excellent results for gym owners and operators by providing ideas, workflow solutions, cutting edge production technologies and a seamless execution process. Our diverse product offering includes data acquisition, integrated marketing services, custom campaign design, production workflows, print production, direct mail solutions, fulfillment and mailing services. Darwill produces and circulates over 400 million pieces of direct mail per year and is unmatched in our experience and learnings across industries.


  • Rapid Retargeting

    Convert web visitors into customers through any channel. Visitors to your website are no longer anonymous. Through Rapid Retargeting, Darwill can look-up visitors' IP addresses and run the data through a "reverse IP append" algorithm. This allows us to collect information on the active buyer and send them targeted direct mail pieces, email, social media ads and even OTT ads.

    More Information » www.darwill.com/rapid-retargeting

  • Direct Mail

    Darwill circulates over 400 million pieces of direct mail per year and is unmatched in our experience. We are a full-service partner that can execute every aspect of your direct mail campaign and have large scale learnings in almost every industry. Because direct mail remains the highest converting media channel for consumers, it’s the foundation of our multi-channel strategy. Our Direct Mail process is to analyze, produce, then test.

    More Information » www.darwill.com/omnichannel-marketing/direct-mail

  • IP Targeting

    Darwill’s Direct Digital Program leverages IP technology to send digital display ads to direct mail prospects’ cell phones, laptops and tablets for increased exposure to your message and more conversions.

    More Information » www.darwill.com/omnichannel-marketing/ip-targeting

  • Targeted Social

    Darwill leverages our customized and targeted direct mail list to match-back to prospects’ Facebook accounts. Display ads are then delivered directly to their feed to increase your campaign's reach. We handle Facebook Advertising campaigns from start to finish - from creative ad copy and design, to set up and operation, and finally analyzing the data and reporting back the success rate.

    More Information » www.darwill.com/omnichannel-marketing/targeted-soc...

  • Automated Trigger Marketing

    With on-demand access to customer data, through various CRM integrations, Darwill is able to implement set-and-forget customer-driven marketing efforts on your behalf. Our trigger-based programs allow you to set-up direct mail campaigns that automatically send to customers based on their actions or buying behaviors.

    More Information » www.darwill.com/trigger-marketing

  • Data Security

    Darwill continually invests in technology to provide the highest security measures for client data and secured transaction mail services. Your trust is our highest priority, and our data integrity and security processes undergo annual reviews and audits to ensure we meet and exceed compliance.

    More Information » www.darwill.com/about-us/security

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