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Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW)

Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW) is a leading domestic and international freight forwarder in the United States, providing customized logistics and warehousing solutions for clients around the world and across all industries via air, ground, and ocean freight. A subsidiary of Estes Express lines and located in Richmond, Virginia, EFW is uniquely backed by Estes Express Lines’ extensive line haul network providing EFW clients with a hybrid transportation network. The company has received industry awards, including Specialty Carrier of the Year and E-Commerce Delivery Carrier of the Year, and has been recognized by Global Trade Americas as a leading 3PL to watch. To learn more about EFW, please visit the company’s website at http://www.EFWnow.com.


  • Domestic

    You need to get from Point A to Point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, and you don’t want to get bogged down with logistics. We get it, and we can help. Our hybrid model lets us offer you solutions that go far beyond those of a standard freight-forwarding company. And, our focus on service, satisfaction, and value means you’ll experience fewer bumps in the road. Whether you need cross-dock or warehousing, air charter or exclusive use, we’ll connect you to a customized combination of services that get the job done.

    More Information » www.efwnow.com/services/domestic

  • Home Delivery

    For brands, making a great product is only the first step. The next is ensuring your product makes it into the hands of your customers—and that can be a trickier journey.

    At EFW, we serve as an extension of your brand, treating your business and reputation like our own. We give you the visibility you and your customers need with technology that tracks shipments down to a single order. Then, we back it up by enabling you to instantly leverage the expertise of a centralized customer service team. Our HomeNOW service confirms delivery appointments and makes sure your product arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

    To ensure industry-leading levels of client satisfaction from the dock to the door, we’ve adopted the Net Promoter Score. It’s how we deliver a higher degree of customer service than any other logistics company—and it’s all part of the EFW Experience.

    More Information » www.efwnow.com/services/home-delivery

  • Truckload Brokerage

    Looking for ground transportation? Our truckload team of experts handles anything and everything road-related through an expansive network of independent North American partners. And, because we’re backed by the financial security of Estes Express Lines, we can bring you direct access to one of the nation’s largest fleets.

    The power of our truckload brokerage means you get the equipment and customized transportation solution your business requires, even at a moment’s notice. Take advantage of unrivaled capacity, door-to-door service and 24-hour tracking—all within DOT guidelines. Whether it’s one time or long term, EFW has the network to meet your supply chain demands with the highest standards of service—because we care about your shipments as much as you do.

    More Information » www.efwnow.com/services/truckload-brokerage

  • Exhibit Services

    A good exhibit can make your year. A bad one can damage your reputation. We set you up for Option A by giving you total control of your cargo, with support from a single point of contact you can reach across any time zone. Whether you’re planning a trade show, a convention, or a corporate meeting, you can count on your exhibit arriving at the right place, at the right time, in the right shape so you can put your best foot forward.

    More Information » www.efwnow.com/services/exhibit-services

  • International

    The world is our marketplace and today, business is more global than ever before. That’s just as true for small manufacturing companies as it is for large multinational firms. We understand that each needs a shipping solution at a competitive price and consistent transit time across every border and time zone. EFW does all this and more. From air carriers to ocean liners to customs checkpoints, our international logistics expertise— along with a strategic global partner network—ensures swift, secure travel.

    More Information » www.efwnow.com/services/international

  • Warehousing

    EFW Warehousing is a full-service warehousing network specializing in high-value, completely customizable warehousing solutions. Uniquely integrated with the robust transportation capabilities of Estes Forwarding Worldwide, EFW Warehousing provides customers with over 2.78 million square feet of directly managed warehousing space and access to an extensive warehousing network that serves clients around the world. From the most complex, international supply chain requirements to warehouse overflow and shorter-term, project-related engagements, our decades of experience and an extensive suite of fulfillment and technology services allow our team to craft the right solution with the visibility and connectivity to support it. EFW Warehousing epitomizes contract logistics, expertly crafting comprehensive solutions that merge logistics and supply chain management.

    More Information » www.efwnow.com/services/warehousing

  • Custom Solutions

    When the shipment needs are less than clear cut, when there are mitigating factors or specific objectives need to be met, our customs solutions team goes to work. From product or campaign rollouts to disaster relief efforts, we’re able to create optimal solutions for diverse needs across any industry. We pride ourselves on being a logistics partner that can shift and adapt to the unique requirements of our customers. Our meticulous attention to every single detail enables us to craft custom solutions that meet all objectives and address any extenuating circumstances.

    More Information » www.efwnow.com/services/custom-solutions

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