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ProGienics, a Division of ProVetLogic, provides educational support and product solutions with an emphasis on disease prevention and odor control. Our products are used by facility operators to clean, disinfect and deodorize a wide-range of surfaces including professional, college and high school althetic fields, cross-fit synthetic turf and equipment, free weights, cardio equipment, childrens play area equipment, floors, rubber mats, restroom fixtures, shower surfaces and locker rooms. Our products meet the highest E.P.A. standards and are manufactured in a facility that gets 70% of its energy needs from a renewable source (solar power). 


  • ProGienics Carpet Deodorizer & Hard Surface Disinfectant

    ProGiencs checks off all of your facilities diesease prevention and odor control needs. This one-step, concentrated cleaner disinfectant is effective against a wide-range of infectious agents including COVID-19, H1N1 Influenza, MRSA, Hepatitis B & C, Norovirus, Athletes Feet, Ringworm and more. This versatile disinfectant can be used to clean synthetic turf fields, diluted in a spray bottle or refillable wiping system canister to disinfect surfaces or diluted in a mop bucket to clean and disinfect floors and rubber mats. 

    ProGienics Carpet Deodorizer & Hard Surf...
  • ProGienics Refillable Wiping System

    The ProGienics Refillable Wiping System offers the best alternative for safely removing soil, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in one easy step. Unlike traditional wet wipes, the canister is reusable and the spring-loaded lid keeps the towels moist and ready for any task.

    Mix 1/2 to 1 ounce of ProGienics with 32-ounces of water to create 160 durable wet wiping towels. One gallon of ProGienics will make over 20,000 disinfecting wipes!

    We offer a locking canister bracket to keep the wipes secure for where and when they are needed.


    ProGienics Refillable Wiping System