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  • Updown Fitness: a Personal Gym Experience for your Members

    Updown is the complete member experience solution for fitness facilities. Updown is designed to work for everyone, whether experienced athlete or first-time exerciser. Advanced users enjoy the ability to track and view detailed stats and workout history. For beginners, Updown is great for providing direction and preventing the overwhelming feeling that can come with walking into a gym for the first time.

    The User at the Heart

    Updown was designed with user experience as the highest priority. Updown helps people reach their fitness goals by generating personalized workouts. A user's goals, experience, equipment, and more drive the creation of individualized workout routines. As users complete workouts, Updown automatically learns and advances future workouts to help them effectively and efficiently make progress. Exercisers are rewarded with digital gift cards for completing workouts and for reaching their weekly goals.

    Because Updown is a user-fo...
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    Updown Fitness: a Personal Gym Experienc...




  • Michael Freise
    Michael Freise

    Co-founder/Marketing Director
    Updown Technologies, Inc.
    Madison, Wisconsin