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ASF was founded in 1973 by a club entrepreneur who was unable to find a member management solution for his business. As the first billing company in the industry, we have spent over 42 years perfecting the art of member receivables management, health club management software and marketing programs. We’ve listened to thousands of business owners like you and have successfully crafted our model around your needs. We value the relational partnerships we’ve built with our clients and have gained a greater knowledge base through your continual feedback. Let us help you create a proven day-to-day system through our experience, sophistication and leadership.

ASF provides club owners a well-balanced business support platform that helps increase revenue through payment management, systemization and strategic partnerships. Key features include; flexible draft and remit dates, one-time billing, add-on billing, PT billing, check-in, scheduling, POS, mobile app, online sales and more. No contracts or hidden fees, just honest business solutions for todays club owner. 


  • Member Account Mobile App

    My Member Account Mobile App is a simple tool designed to generate revenue for owners through increased member engagement. It allows members to sign up for fitness classes, whether it’s personal or team training, Zumba or a body pump class.

    Members can also check in right from their phones, view their own personal schedules including past and future events and purchase additional workout sessions. The app greets members by name and supports a personalized profile photo. 

    More Information » www.asfpaymentsolutions.com/mymemberaccount

    Member Account Mobile App


  • Club Engagement Rate: 5 ways to measure and grow member engagement

    Historically, we measured health club member engagement as “active members,” i.e. those who check-in to the club regularly. That’s now considered “old-school.” Now, members that are engaged are associating your club’s brand with their fitness goals. That means they are participating in club programs, purchasing additional services and viewing the club as an important part of their fitness-social life. More »

    Club Engagement Rate: 5 ways to measure...


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