The CardioCoach by KORR Medical Technologies puts the high tech training tools of VO2 Max, AeT and AT detection into the hands of fitness professionals at every level of expertise. The addition of RMR, RER and CO2 analysis makes CardioCoach everything a trainer could ever ask for -- accurate and affordable, requiring no training or service contracts.  Workouts and results can all be managed through the CardioCoach mobile app.  CardioCoach makes it possible for every client in your facility to receive a truly personalized workout plan that will maximize their potential, leading to results like never before. 

CardioCoach...Make it Personal.


  • CardioCoach VO2 Max Analyzer

    The CardioCoach delivers simple and accurate fitness testing based on oxygen consumption. This data can be used the foundation for customized exercise programs that truly meet the needs of the individual. It is so simple to use that any of your current employees can perform a VO2 Max test. It is affordable, allowing even small gyms, personal trainers and educators to own state of the art VO2 Max test equipment. 

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    CardioCoach VO2 Max Analyzer
  • CardioCoach PLUS-- VO2 Max Analyzer PLUS RMR

    All the Features of CardioCoach VO2 fitness testing PLUS resting metabolic rate measurement (RMR).  An RMR measurement uses oxygen consumed at rst to determine a person's calroic requrements for weight loss or maintenance.  Facilities that offer nutritional counseling can add this very valuable assessment tool for only a slight increase in cost.  

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    CardioCoach PLUS--  VO2 Max Analyzer PLU...
  • CardioCoach CO2

    Much of the simplicity and affordability of the CardioCoach is due to the design that only analyzes oxygen consumption, the V-slpe method.  The CardioCoachCO2 has the added hardware and complexity to support CO2 analysis.  A computer is required for viewing and printing the data.  This product is an excellent option for the more technical user who wants to "play" with the dta, compare AT detect methods, and who has the expertise to analyze raw data.  

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    CardioCoach CO2
  • CardioCoach VO2 Max App

    Utilizing VO2 Max data to achieve meaningful results has never been easier!  Upload your clients results to KORR's app and you can take advantage of everything this exciting app has to offer:

    • Utilize pre-designed workouts
    • Design custom workouts with the touch of a button
    • Interface with todays most popular apps and wearables
    • Track calories burned and calories consumed with true accuracy
    • Determine the TYPES of calories burned: FATS vs CARBS
    • Help your client monitor their progress with truly personalized plans


    CardioCoach VO2 Max App
  • MetaCheck

    The MetaCheck is an affordable metabolic analyzer that provides an accurate, professional resting metabolic rate measurement. Measuring a person’s metabolic rate allows you to construct an effective weight loss plan based on individual caloric needs. In the past, these measurements have only been available by using cumbersome, expensive equipment, and were generally only available at hospitals. The MetaCheck is simple to use and maintain, using disposable testing supplies and requiring no additional computer to operate.

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  • REDKORE Fitness finds success with VO2 Max Testing

    Redkore measures their success through member retention. Due to the results their clients are experiencing through heart rate based training, Redkore has opened as second facility this year and is breaking ground for a third. When asked why he would recommend the CardioCoach to other fitness facility owners, Nadeem Ashraf replied, “[CardioCoach] provides and fosters a results based culture while providing my trainers a confidence and valuable tool to execute precise results for their clients in the field of exercise and nutrition!” Read more about the success of Redkore. More »

    REDKORE Fitness finds success with VO2 M...


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