WOODWAY Treadmills are best known for their SlatFlex running surface which results in the highest quality experience for users and makes them a favorite among elite athletes and major professional sports teams. In addition to the comfort and quality factor, a WOODWAY provides long term maintenance and electrical cost savings, which attribute to them having the lowest Total Cost of Ownership than any other treadmill. WOODWAY guarantees the following cost benefit features which will save thousands of dollars over a couple year time cycle. * Minimum $500+ per year in electrical consumption savings (could be substantially higher depending on market & Kwh being paid) because the WOODWAY design uses a 50% smaller motor due to less friction on our belt and running surface * Minimum of 150,000 miles of usage per belt * No deck flipping or deck replacements because a WOODWAY does not have a deck * WOODWAY offers an exclusive 20% buy back guarantee of the purchase price up to 5 years after purchase.

Web Site: www.woodway.com 



  • Weber Eric

    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Woodway USA
    Waukesha, Wisconsin